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What is GradAd.com?

Our website allows parents and students to purchase congratulatory ads for their graduating students or friends and to be placed in the schools yearbook.

Customers can design their ad at our website using our design templates or they may also mail their ad information and photos to us and we will design the ad for you.

GradAd will provide an order form for the schools to mail home to the parents. For your convenience, we can also do the mailing for you if addresses are supplied to us on an excel file. There is a postage and handling fee for this service.

All the yearbook staff has to do is mail home to the parents the Parent Ad letter and then the staff is finished with the ad section, we do the rest.

GradAd.com will:

Allows parents to pay online with credit card and upload their advertisement and photographs at the website and design their ads.

Allow parents to network to their friends and family about the service to allow them the opportunity to purchase as well.

Take all phone calls from parents at our toll free phone number.

Allow parents to mail their hard copy photos, their message and their checks to GradAd.com.

GradAd.com will then:

Create all parent ad pages in jpeg format so the school can simply import the jpeg into the layout of the yearbook pages. All pages will be finished.

Gradad will mail to the yearbook advisor their check for the total amount of money collected less our service fee.

Mail back to the school in envelopes any parent that mailed us all the hard copy photos that were received in the mail. On each envelope will be a label with the parent and student name and home address so staff can either mail the envelopes to the parents or hand deliver them to the seniors before they graduate.

To find out more about our service, please contact us at 1-866-394-9729 or email us at help@gradad.com